FEBRUARY 26th - March 1st 2016!

An unique, international horse coaching event: 7 & 8 July 2015 in Leidschendam (Stompwijk) NL

Horse Medicine proudly presents the first event bringing the essence of the documentary "Changing Horses" alive by offering a series of workshops during a 2-day event.

5 well known and respected horsecoaches from the U.S. and Canada and 2 Dutch hostcoaches will guide and coach you together with the horses of Horse Medicine in a series of different workshops. During this event filming will take place for the documentary "Changing Horses".

Read more in our Dutch leaflet: Informatie brochure changinghorses.pdf

For whom?

Please join if you are on the path of self development, personal growth and understanding or wish to take the first steps in learning more about yourself! 
Being with horses will help you to connect with yourself and move beyond thoughts and emotions that often stand in the way of a more relaxed state of being. Horses help us to feel our bodies and work through patterns, emotions and blockages that often prevent us from living a more free, balanced and joyful life.

After these 2 days you will feel more balanced, connected, relaxed and centered

Coaches, trainers, therapists, teachers, psychologists, system workers, bodyworkers etc. who wish to tap into the wisdom of horseconsciousness for their own work are warmly invited. 

For you as a coach or therapist this event will give an extra dimension to your work with others and will offer you inspiration and new methods to integrate in your work.

Why participate?

Are you looking for inspiration and new insights in your life?
Do you have a longing for more connection, freedom and balance?
Do you want to dive into your own personal process of self-understanding?
Do you wish to make a connection to the horses and feel on a deeper level their message to us humans?

Send us an e-mail for the Dutch info leaflet!

Come and join us in this unique event!

Only limited places available! Get your ticket!